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Ask yourself:

Do you want to grow?  Have you developed the infrastructure to grow?  Are your systems scalable?  Do you know your weaknesses?  

 Are you frustrated with your bank?  Have you been turned down for financing?  Are you in need of financing? Is your banker on your team?

Do you have a disaster recovery plan?  Do you have resources to draw upon if something goes wrong with the economy or your customer base?

Do you hold your employees accountable? Can you survive an employee lawsuit?

Do you either have a board of directors or a group of business associates that hold you accountable?


Self-esteem cannot be sought as an end in itself but must come as a byproduct of meeting standards of excellence — taking pride in work, supporting a family, bringing up decent children, learning about life and imparting wisdom.              Aaron Wildavsky

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April 2008

This month’s management article:


Have a plan,

 before applying for a bank loan